Crisis Hotline + Joffe Academy Membership

Two of our most popular Joffe services are now being offered to our school communities together!

  • Crisis Hotline

    Whether it’s a water main break or an active shooter, Joffe experts are on call 24/7 to work with school leadership as they respond to keep their campus and community safe. Used subsequently with 911, this direct line to the Joffe response team is often used within the first 7 minutes of an emergency to: establish physical and psychological safety, activate emergency response teams, and support communication with on- and off-campus stakeholders.

  • Asynchronous Modules

    Dive deeper into professional development courses, learn at your own pace, and earn certificates of completion. Each module has a mix of pertinent tools, customizable templates, or handouts designed as takeaways to enhance your learning. Over 20+ in-depth courses and growing!

  • Recorded Trainings

    From school violence prevention to crisis communication planning, recorded trainings teach you how to confidently prepare for and address a variety of challenging situations.

  • Webinars

    Timely and relevant 60-90 minutes sessions with Q&A bring you up-to-the-minute updates on health and safety issues, and expert advice on a range of topics. Join our ongoing bi-weekly webinar events throughout the year.

  • The Speaker Series

    Guest speakers composed of security and safety authorities share their subject matter expertise in a candid conversation format.