Kristen Power & Jen Sherman

Magnus Health

Kristen Power

Kristen has spent 20+ years working with k-12 independent schools. Before joining Magnus Health in 2021, Kristen served as Senior Director of Membership and Business Development at The Enrollment Management Association (EMA) for three years. Prior to her tenure at EMA, Kristen spent nine years serving as National Director and eventually, general manager for School and Student Services (previously owned by NAIS), the preferred financial aid needs assessment tool among independent schools. A longtime industry expert on financial aid, enrollment trends and the overall k-12 private school marketplace, Kristen has traveled nationally and internationally presenting on various private k-12 market trends to independent schools, associations, and trustees. In addition to working with independent schools, Kristen is a mother of two daughters who attended independent school for seven years at Berwick Academy (ME).  She’s also an independent school trustee at Oxford Academy (CT).

Jen Sherman

Jen Sherman joined the Magnus Health team last year and has been working in the private and independent school market for three years. As a private school mom herself, she has an affinity for school staff, especially nurses, who are otherwise known as her daughter’s best friend. She’s seen first-hand areas of inefficiencies school health offices face and is passionate about helping schools rectify these and enable staff to get back to caring for students.

Webinar Overview


Kristen Power and Jen Sherman from Magnus Health, and Chris Joffe, CEO of Joffe Emergency Services, discuss the tracking and management of student health data.


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